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Developing Mobile Strategy

'We want an iPhone app'

Unfortunately those words can often be the start of a client conversation. However, mobile brand engagement isn't a case of simply developing an app and sticking it in iTunes. For a start, mobile users don't tolerate poor brand experience and too many bad reviews in the app store can not only damage reputations, but also drive away mobile users for good.

Why Have a Mobile Strategy?

Mobile is encompasses a broad number of technology channels and it's a constantly changing environment. Brands that have been successful have created great consumer engagement, high response rates and an excellent ROI. But on the flip side, poorly delivered campaigns or a disjointed strategy are bad for business. Our considerable expertise in mobile will ensure that your mobile strategy is the right one for your brand and your customers. At the end of the day, a good strategy will ensure that your spend on mobile marketing is successful.

What Goes In To Mobile Strategy?

  • The starting point for any strategy is looking at the business objectives and campaign aims
  • Who are the customers, what handsets do they have and what are they doing on them?
  • What can we understand from competitor analysis?
  • What are the creative concepts for the campaign?
  • What are the existing marketing channels and how can mobile compliment them?
  • What are the technical and business processes required to implement the strategy?
  • How will the campaigns be promoted?
  • What can be achieved with the available budget?
  • How will campaigns be developed and implemented?
  • How will success be measured?
  • What is the future roadmap for the mobile channel?

How We Deliver Strategy

Full Mobile Strategy
This takes the form of an initial visits, interviews and a review of current marketing strategy. Following this, a full strategy document is developed which includes detailed research, proposals and implementation plan. We deliver it via a strategy presentation and where required subsequent training sessions.

Mini Strategy
This is a smaller consultancy which focusses on a specific campaign, particular research or feasibility study. For example we have delivered mini-consultancies to map customer demographics against the mobile landscape, a report into tablet-based advertising, and a feasibility study for an ad-led sports app.

Delivered by some of the UKs most experienced mobile trainers, we can provide in-house courses to give the necessary skills to brands and advertising agencies.

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